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Workplace flexibility: Are There Jobs That Can't Be Worked Flexibly?


A-HA recently ran a session with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) and a group of employers on how flexibility  is applied to your typical ‘inflexible’ jobs that have client, time and location demands such as construction, sales and shift work.

The common challenge that many of the participating organisations faced was shifting the overall mindset, perceptions and culture in the workplace about how work gets done, particularly for construction and sales, where people need to be physically onsite and available for face time with clients.

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The Rapidly Changing Workforce


It’s exciting to realise that the face of business — especially small business — is rapidly changing to reflect the evolving social, economic and global context that we live in. Rather than be afraid of the change, SME’s can embrace the opportunities that come with evolution.

Small businesses are no longer just the corner stores and restaurants. Small businesses have evolved to become professional services (accountants, lawyers, financial advisors), educators, real estate agents, medical providers, and specialists in high growth areas like tourism, building and construction and urban development.

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3 Steps To Conquer Self Doubt After A Career Break


There are moments in life when you can really question yourself and your decisions. The self-doubt ‘monster’ starts creeping up and tapping you on your shoulder. It’s usually when you need to take a leap into the unknown without having all the answers.

I have returned to work this month after a six month career break, but what does a career break even mean?  Well for me it was a chance to stop working altogether, take some time to rest, to breathe, to think and plan my future, because my busy professional career life was not allowing me to do so.

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Working From Home - Reality versus Perception - the BBC clip that absolutely nails it!

If you happened to miss the extraordinarily delightful moment where a daughter dances in to the room while her father is conducting a BBC TV interview, you need to do yourself a favour and YouTube it immediately.

This short clip is absolutely nailed the reality of working from home. We try so hard to mask the fact that we’re working from home by making sure that when we’re on calls that the place is quiet. For Prof. Robert Kelly who was doing his live broadcast from his home office, his plan didn’t quite work out.

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Thinking outside the box. Researching Australia’s leading places to work.


The Centre for Workplace Leadership is dedicated to leadership research, improving the quality of leadership in Australian workplaces, and developing leaders. The Centre is at the forefront of best thinking on the future of work and what it looks like. They’re well known for putting unconventional ideas out in to the world for consumption. They asked us to research some interesting topics with them; gender equality, workplace flexibility practices and great organisational culture.

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Making Flexibility Work

Flexible work arrangements usually make you think of policies and processes which enable flexibility at work.

Imagine a workplace where flexible work arrangements are based on trust. Trust between an individual and the organisation that both are looking out for each others collective interests.

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