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Riding the rapids of Employee Engagement and Change Management. Four strategies to get you to the other side.


In the world of HR there are two challenges that often collide, their impact sending ripples out through an organisation, and they are not always warm and fuzzy ripples. So what happens at the intersection of staff engagement and change management? Read on to learn how you can successfully get to the other side....


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Why Workplace Culture Is The Key To Success


OK, hands up if there’s a ping-pong table, snazzy coffee machine, games room or other stress busters at your work. Does it make you more productive?

We know that having these fun breakouts in businesses can reduce stress and help maintain focus but, the harsh reality is that only 13 per cent of employees worldwide are engaged at work. In other words, only one in eight employees are psychologically committed to their jobs and likely to make positive contributions to their organisations, meaning that maybe the ping-pong table and coffee machines just aren’t cutting it. Can you imagine the cost to business when 1:8 employees are disengaged in their work?


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Workplace flexibility: Are There Jobs That Can't Be Worked Flexibly?


A-HA recently ran a session with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) and a group of employers on how flexibility  is applied to your typical ‘inflexible’ jobs that have client, time and location demands such as construction, sales and shift work.

The common challenge that many of the participating organisations faced was shifting the overall mindset, perceptions and culture in the workplace about how work gets done, particularly for construction and sales, where people need to be physically onsite and available for face time with clients.

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A Human Agency co-CEO Katriina Tahka to speak about accelerating business performance through agile workforce planning at the B2B Expo, the biggest small business expo on 28th June

Katriina will be sharing insights on how to accelerate your business performance with cost effective and agile solutions for engaging talent at the B2B Expo Business Matters Seminar Series held at the International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney on the 28th June.

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10 Ways To Boost Employee Engagement

Over the past few weeks we’ve read and heard a number of reports of toxic workplace cultures. Uber is the latest organisation to be stung by employees naming and shaming them for unethical behaviour.

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Sustainable diversity strategy or annual celebration? Keeping diversity alive all year round, not just in March and April.

March is always a busy month on the diversity calendar! Between International Women’s Day (IWD) on 9th March and Harmony Day on 21st March most of the month is taken up with celebrating gender diversity and then cultural diversity.

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Being Strengths-Based in Dealing with Failure

Everybody fails; even the greats!

Madonna taking a tumble during a recent live performance proved that even the most well rehearsed events can go horribly wrong. A wardrobe malfunction saw Madonna pulled down a staircase, crash land on her back, and end up with whiplash. It wasn’t easy to watch but within seconds social media was abuzz with horrifying comments like ‘watching a pensioner fall down stairs’ and it being the ‘funniest thing on TV’.

What she did next was most astounding. She stood up, untangled herself, got back up on stage and got on with the show. Among all of the negative comments about her age, ‘it’ factor, singing ability, relevance and even bone density, she managed to pick herself up and keep going.

 This got me thinking about what happens to us when we fail in front of others. Do you respond by throwing in the towel and walking away? Sulking about it to others? Blaming others? Going into hiding?

Or do you admit that it was an accident, dust yourself off and continue?

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Leadership Challenge – Ten Tips: Every Day Employee Engagement Ideas

Attribution: Team Leadership Programme – Karlsruhe by aiesecgermany : CC BY 2.0

Have you ever looked across the table at your boss and thought to yourself, "You're an incompetent idiot"?

Chances are, we’ve all worked for someone who appears to do absolutely nothing other than make your life hell. I still wonder how it is that people like this get in to such great positions. Perhaps they manage up really well? Maybe they were just in the right place at the right time? One thing is for certain; they usually treat those working with them terribly.

These questions have been floating around in my mind these past few weeks in light of the Australian Government's leadership spill that challenged Tony Abbott's ability.

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