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Who is responsible for role-modelling gender equality?


When we dive into the details on the fight for gender equality, we tend to focus our attention on the large corporations — the giants in the business world.

While it is incredibly important to make sure that the biggest influencers in the market are progressive and tackling the on-going problem of gender equality, we cannot ignore the influence of small and medium enterprises (SME’s).


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Do The Nordic Countries Really Do It Better?


I’ve been in Australia for the better part of a month now (which I know is not long) and whenever I tell someone I’m from Finland, they start praising how the Nordics do everything better.  Yes, it is true that things are pretty great up north, and yes there are countless articles that state how Australia needs to replicate the way Nordic countries do life, so I decided to take a real look into it to see if the Nordics really do it better.

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Gender equality is moving too slow. Time for a data change.

“If health and safety have budgets, then why doesn’t gender equality?” Libby Lyons, WGEA Director asked a packed room last week.  Even though the most recent gender data statistics show a slight increase in employers taking positive action,  Lyons urged the room that more can and must be done, and I agree with her. Here’s why:

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WGEA Data - three key infographics on gender equality in the workplace

Australia, it's time to pay attention! Here are three key statistics from the new WGEA data on gender equality in the workplace released today on pay equity, the gender pay gap and board representation.

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New WGEA Data released today on Gender Equality in the workplace - is Australia making any progress?


Watch a video overview of the new WGEA data out today with Director Libby Lyons as she breaks down some of the key findings.

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How Leaders And Organisations Can Flourish By Changing Mindsets


The notion that our success in life is linked to how we think is not a new concept. Lately I’ve been pondering Carol Dweck’s work on a Growth versus Fixed Mindset, as it relates to our ability to respond to and embrace the future of work in our roles, as both employees and leaders of people. Change is everywhere, and my experience is that those who respond best to change are able to see more potential and are not limited by present circumstances.

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Gender Bias Is All In Your Head


This morning I had an A-ha moment and to be frank, I’m furious about it. A recent study by Humanyze has provided evidence that it is the way women are treated, not their behaviour, that is the main contributor to gender inequity in the workplace. Let me unpack that a little for you.


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Redesigning Unconscious Bias For Performance

Newsflash; unconscious bias training won’t solve your diversity and inclusion problems. It also won’t stop people from making the types of decisions you’re trying to change. The truth is that people will continue to make unconscious decisions about other people because that’s what our brains are wired to do. Sheep dipping people through a 3-hour workshop where they learn about the brain, followed by an implicit association test isn’t going to change evolution.

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Data Driven Results To Close The Pay Gap


Today is Equal Pay Day. It falls on this day to mark the additional time from the end of the financial year it takes for a woman to earn the same as her male colleagues. That’s 65-days of full-time work and a pay gap of 23.1% for total pay of full-time employees and 17.7% for base pay of full-time employees. 

For the average wages, a pay gap of 15.3% exists, which means that on average, men working full-time earned $1,638.30 and women earned $1,387.10, a difference of $251.20 per week. Between May 2016 and May 2017, women’s weekly earnings grew by 2.6%, while men’s weekly earnings grew by 1.5%.

Sure, I know what you’re going to say, “but wage growth and productivity is at an all-time low so, it’s hard”. I say, that’s a load of hogwash.
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How The Gender Pay Gap Adds Up


Equal Pay Day falls tomorrow, 4th September. It marks the additional time from the end of the previous financial year it takes for a woman to earn the same as her male colleagues. This fantastic infographic from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency shows you why Equal Pay Day matters and how the national gender pay gap adds up over a woman's lifetime.

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