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How Leaders And Organisations Can Flourish By Changing Mindsets


The notion that our success in life is linked to how we think is not a new concept. Lately I’ve been pondering Carol Dweck’s work on a Growth versus Fixed Mindset, as it relates to our ability to respond to and embrace the future of work in our roles, as both employees and leaders of people. Change is everywhere, and my experience is that those who respond best to change are able to see more potential and are not limited by present circumstances.

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Gender Bias Is All In Your Head


This morning I had an A-ha moment and to be frank, I’m furious about it. A recent study by Humanyze has provided evidence that it is the way women are treated, not their behaviour, that is the main contributor to gender inequity in the workplace. Let me unpack that a little for you.


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How To Deal With A Harvey Weinstein


A-HA co-CEO, Katriina Tahka dissects how to deal with D*ckheads At Work with Chris Bath the host of the Evenings Show on ABC Radio 702. You can listen to the segment here (from 1.06 mins in) or click more to read the full interview.

If you're interested in learning more, Katriina will be speaking at the D*ckheads At Work discussion panel this Thursday 19 October at 6.30pm, presented by The Clear Spot Club and Jackie Dent at The Belvoir St Theatre.

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Why Workplace Culture Is The Key To Success


OK, hands up if there’s a ping-pong table, snazzy coffee machine, games room or other stress busters at your work. Does it make you more productive?

We know that having these fun breakouts in businesses can reduce stress and help maintain focus but, the harsh reality is that only 13 per cent of employees worldwide are engaged at work. In other words, only one in eight employees are psychologically committed to their jobs and likely to make positive contributions to their organisations, meaning that maybe the ping-pong table and coffee machines just aren’t cutting it. Can you imagine the cost to business when 1:8 employees are disengaged in their work?


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Four Ways to Improve your Business Performance


If someone were to ask you what ‘Human Resources’ means to you, what would you say? At a recent small business trade show, we asked this very question to many of the people who wandered by our stall, and their answers made us realise that the first thoughts people have of Human Resources (or HR) gets pushed in to hiring and firing, payroll and pesky policy makers.

While some of these options may well be part of the HR process, it is definitely not the defining factor of what HR can do for a business. Here at A-HA, we have a very different approach to HR, where we design it differently to suit the business. Your people can be your greatest asset — done well, it can deliver profitable bottom-line results to your business.  

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Workplace flexibility: Are There Jobs That Can't Be Worked Flexibly?


A-HA recently ran a session with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) and a group of employers on how flexibility  is applied to your typical ‘inflexible’ jobs that have client, time and location demands such as construction, sales and shift work.

The common challenge that many of the participating organisations faced was shifting the overall mindset, perceptions and culture in the workplace about how work gets done, particularly for construction and sales, where people need to be physically onsite and available for face time with clients.

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The Rapidly Changing Workforce


It’s exciting to realise that the face of business — especially small business — is rapidly changing to reflect the evolving social, economic and global context that we live in. Rather than be afraid of the change, SME’s can embrace the opportunities that come with evolution.

Small businesses are no longer just the corner stores and restaurants. Small businesses have evolved to become professional services (accountants, lawyers, financial advisors), educators, real estate agents, medical providers, and specialists in high growth areas like tourism, building and construction and urban development.

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3 Steps To Conquer Self Doubt After A Career Break


There are moments in life when you can really question yourself and your decisions. The self-doubt ‘monster’ starts creeping up and tapping you on your shoulder. It’s usually when you need to take a leap into the unknown without having all the answers.

I have returned to work this month after a six month career break, but what does a career break even mean?  Well for me it was a chance to stop working altogether, take some time to rest, to breathe, to think and plan my future, because my busy professional career life was not allowing me to do so.

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The Countdown Is On To Re-imagine The Future Of Work.

I don’t mean to alarm you, but 2020 is about 1,000 days away. For years, 2020 felt like a time and place so far into the future that it didn’t need our close attention. But now, it’s just under 3 years away and things are getting very real. There are so many great expectations placed on 2020. For instance, almost every organisation on the planet has a 2020 strategy they’re aspiring to achieve, many in the USA are already gearing up for the 2020 presidential campaign, and Tokyo is busily preparing for the Olympic Games. It’s going to be a big year.

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Leadership Series | Torrents and Toothpicks

Flexible working arrangements, the rise of digital/social communication, increasing economic uncertainty, constant change, endless reshuffling of the is a leader to cope? Well clearly the leader who tries to control all of this will not. How could you? It's like trying to hold back a torrent with a toothpick.

So what does effective leadership look like in this day and age? This is (not surprisingly given we spruik ourselves as consultants) a question that a lot of people we meet in our professional life ask. Sometimes the question is explicit - as when designing a leadership development program; and sometimes its implicit within the broader exploration of themes such as culture, engagement and motivation.

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