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The Countdown Is On To Re-imagine The Future Of Work.

I don’t mean to alarm you, but 2020 is about 1,000 days away. For years, 2020 felt like a time and place so far into the future that it didn’t need our close attention. But now, it’s just under 3 years away and things are getting very real. There are so many great expectations placed on 2020. For instance, almost every organisation on the planet has a 2020 strategy they’re aspiring to achieve, many in the USA are already gearing up for the 2020 presidential campaign, and Tokyo is busily preparing for the Olympic Games. It’s going to be a big year.

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Leadership Series | Torrents and Toothpicks

Flexible working arrangements, the rise of digital/social communication, increasing economic uncertainty, constant change, endless reshuffling of the is a leader to cope? Well clearly the leader who tries to control all of this will not. How could you? It's like trying to hold back a torrent with a toothpick.

So what does effective leadership look like in this day and age? This is (not surprisingly given we spruik ourselves as consultants) a question that a lot of people we meet in our professional life ask. Sometimes the question is explicit - as when designing a leadership development program; and sometimes its implicit within the broader exploration of themes such as culture, engagement and motivation.

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The Future of Work isn’t All Bots, it Must Include People


Last week I attended the 2016 Future of Work conference hosted by the Centre for Workplace Leadership in Melbourne. The brilliant line up of guest speakers showcased some of the best minds around and their thinking about the future of work.  

It's something we all need to be planning for, now.  Here are my five key take away messages:

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Making gender equality work for your organisation

A-HA! is proud to have worked with the Centre for Workplace Leadership on the Workplace Gender and Equality Strategy Project.

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