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Real results in real time. Outsourced HR on call as and when needed.


Spotted Cow Cookies is the best cookie manufacturing house in the world. We’re not just saying that because they’re our client – they really are! With the aim to provide quality HR advice, consultation, and support to their 20+ team, Spotted Cow Cookies engaged A-HA! to provide virtual HR support on an as needs basis.



What we do

Since Spotted Cow Cookies don’t need a permanent HR resource, we send in help when they need it. They call on us to deliver just in time HR, which consists of recruitment, performance management, grievances, coaching, and much more. We agree a fixed project cost and get to work. This model works best because it means that Spotted Cow Cookies can manage their budget and get on with making delicious cookies.


The results are simple, Spotted Cow Cookies calls on A-HA! whenever there’s a HR need. We deploy the best person to do what we do best, make HR easy and stress free.

“As a small business owner getting the right people on the team is critical for me, but I don’t need the extra overhead of a permanent HR resource. A-HA! provided me with the HR support I needed, when I needed it, in order to transform my business.” Tahnee Walters, Founder & Cookie Maven


2014 to today

About company

Since 2004 Spotted Cow Cookies have been baking the yummiest cookies in the world. Short and sweet!

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Topics: SME Advisory, Transformation, Virtual HR Manager, Recruitment