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Building the foundations of a robust people plan to support sustainable growth.


Tellus Holdings Ltd is an infrastructure project development company with a high growth agenda. They needed a dedicated resource three hours per week to be the face and office of all things HR.


What we do

We work from their office and attend weekly leadership meetings to deal with any specific HR related issues or concerns. We support Tellus outside of these meetings by being an on call support for leaders and employees wishing to confidentially raise anything with HR.  We work on a retainer basis, which allows us to manage all of their HR needs and provide guidance to the leadership team on building workforce capability and a high performance culture in the business. 


The Tellus team has doubled in size since we joined them.  A-HA has run the recruitment process for new talent, drafted key employment documents and processes, developed employee policies, run training and helped develop a strategic workforce plan for short and medium term growth.  We’ve helped make sure that Tellus have the right people on the team, in the right roles & locations, ready when the business needs them.


2014 to today

About the company

Tellus Holdings Ltd is an infrastructure project development company with a proposed dual revenue business model. This involves mining the commodities salt and kaolin and backfilling the voids left from mining with equipment, archives or waste. Tellus plans to store like-with -like materials, so as to create opportunities for the future long term, temporary storage, treatment and recovery of valuable materials or permanent isolation of waste. 

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Topics: SME Advisory, Growth & Transformation, Virtual HR Manager