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Who is responsible for role-modelling gender equality?


When we dive into the details on the fight for gender equality, we tend to focus our attention on the large corporations — the giants in the business world.

While it is incredibly important to make sure that the biggest influencers in the market are progressive and tackling the on-going problem of gender equality, we cannot ignore the influence of small and medium enterprises (SME’s).


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Do The Nordic Countries Really Do It Better?


I’ve been in Australia for the better part of a month now (which I know is not long) and whenever I tell someone I’m from Finland, they start praising how the Nordics do everything better.  Yes, it is true that things are pretty great up north, and yes there are countless articles that state how Australia needs to replicate the way Nordic countries do life, so I decided to take a real look into it to see if the Nordics really do it better.

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Get it right this financial year!


Small businesses are an important part of the Australian economy and are an essential part of our society. A Human Agency loves small businesses, and we believe in supporting them to see growth and success within their industries. The new financial year is a great time to have a deep look into your business and see how you can make changes to lay a stronger foundation, to ensure your business is working in the best possible way. Making key changes to the way you operate your business can be an important factor into whether your business succeeds and grows this financial year!

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Breaking Down the Boys Club: How Formal Sponsorship Can Accelerate Female Performance In The Workplace


Once conducted behind closed doors, corporate sponsorship is being brought into the open as a way to support emerging female leaders and improve retention in male dominated industries.

Similar to a mentor, a corporate sponsor is there to help emerging leaders achieve their professional goals. Beyond providing advice and guidance, a sponsor acts as an active champion in the workplace.

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The Band-Aid Effect



#Metoo has seen a rise in women AND men ending the silence of sexual misconduct and bad behaviour in the workplace. Though we’ve seen many people come forward with allegations of misconduct and engage in conversations around how this campaign empowers others to similarly come forward, there has been very little discussion as to why this has gone on unreported for so long and how it can change.

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Lying on Resumes


We have recently seen the unravelling of lies made on CV’s by people in prominent positions, with the likes of Giuseppe Conte, the man nominated to be Italy’s next Prime Minister and even the former Labor MP, Barry Urban, who has recently resigned after similar lies had been exposed.

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Industry competitors partner to create visible career pathways for our children


Last week, A Human Agency hosted a Construction & Infrastructure Roundtable discussion with a number of influential leaders in the construction and infrastructure industries. Katriina Tahka lead the discussion, with insightful input by our guest speakers Jannene McLean from CSIRO and Allegra Spender from ABCN.


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The #metoo Thunderstorm


The emergence of the #metoo campaign has been a significant milestone in the fight for equality. Though as the rolling thunder that is the global #metoo campaign continues to hit more high-profile companies and individuals, the question I have is will the momentum brought on by #metoo be enough to change the underlying toxic workplace cultures that exhibit these similar behaviours?

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On Saying ‘Just’ Too Often

A few weeks ago one of the participants in our Sponsorship Program forwarded us an article titled ‘Just’ Say No [1] and asked for our opinion on the frequent use of ‘just’ by women, the different way females make requests compared to males and whether the difference is really a bad thing or not? We thought we’d share our thoughts with you on this topic which has really stirred up a lot of great debate amongst both women and men.

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Stepping Forward with Natalie Galea

Last year I learnt a valuable lesson. I said ‘yes’ to multiple opportunities that would normally make me feel very uncomfortable. What’s more, I even enjoyed the process.

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