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A Human Agency co-CEO Katriina Tahka to speak about accelerating business performance through agile workforce planning at the B2B Expo, the biggest small business expo on 28th June

Katriina will be sharing insights on how to accelerate your business performance with cost effective and agile solutions for engaging talent at the B2B Expo Business Matters Seminar Series held at the International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney on the 28th June.

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Why Law Firms Are Like Crocodiles


In our recent legal Roundtable law firms were humorously referred to as ‘crocodiles’ because they haven’t changed for years, but are smart and have survived. When I hear law firms being referred to as crocodiles I think it is because they, like crocodiles, can only move in a straight line making it difficult for them to change direction. So what does this mean for the future of work for the legal industry?

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Cultural Diversity in the Workplace: 3 Essential Elements for Success

This week, on the 21st of May, we celebrated International Day of Cultural Diversity. Whilst not as well known as Harmony Day in March, it is an important day for global recognition of how cultural diversity can enrich rather than divide communities.

Modern Australian society has been built on an intentional platform of multicultural policy. According to the ABS 2011 Census, 45% of Australians have one or more parents born overseas.

Yet the reality is that we live in a diverse multicultural society which is not reflected in our workplaces. If you think progress in gender diversity is glacial, then the picture for cultural diversity at work is even more dire.

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3 Smart Ways To Invest Your HR Budget for the New Financial Year


Want to know how to invest the rest of your HR budget for the year?  We have created a priority list of hot EOFY offers just for you of where to put your HR dollars to work based on what’s trending with our clients right now.

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The Sh*t HR Says


Ever received a ridiculous comment from a HR professional? We've been sharing some HR horror stories with you over the last month. In case you have missed the posts, here are the most cringeworthy ones.

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3 Steps To Conquer Self Doubt After A Career Break


There are moments in life when you can really question yourself and your decisions. The self-doubt ‘monster’ starts creeping up and tapping you on your shoulder. It’s usually when you need to take a leap into the unknown without having all the answers.

I have returned to work this month after a six month career break, but what does a career break even mean?  Well for me it was a chance to stop working altogether, take some time to rest, to breathe, to think and plan my future, because my busy professional career life was not allowing me to do so.

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How To Keep People At The Heart of A Company Restructure

In a highly competitive and dynamic business environment, SME companies have to be quick to adapt to change whether it's due to a merger, buy out or change in business strategy. We often get asked what the best way is to manage and approach internal change, especially as a poorly managed restructure can quickly snowball into an organisational disaster with long term negative effects for all involved.

In this video discussion with Katriina Tahka and Simone Gigg we share the three key factors that keep people at the heart of the process.

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Everyone belongs: Celebrating Harmony Day 2017

Over the past 70 years, over seven and a half million people have migrated to Australia to make it their home. Today as we celebrate our rich cultural diversity we face challenging times in ensuring that everyone feels like they belong.

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The Countdown Is On To Re-imagine The Future Of Work.

I don’t mean to alarm you, but 2020 is about 1,000 days away. For years, 2020 felt like a time and place so far into the future that it didn’t need our close attention. But now, it’s just under 3 years away and things are getting very real. There are so many great expectations placed on 2020. For instance, almost every organisation on the planet has a 2020 strategy they’re aspiring to achieve, many in the USA are already gearing up for the 2020 presidential campaign, and Tokyo is busily preparing for the Olympic Games. It’s going to be a big year.

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Working From Home - Reality versus Perception - the BBC clip that absolutely nails it!

If you happened to miss the extraordinarily delightful moment where a daughter dances in to the room while her father is conducting a BBC TV interview, you need to do yourself a favour and YouTube it immediately.

This short clip is absolutely nailed the reality of working from home. We try so hard to mask the fact that we’re working from home by making sure that when we’re on calls that the place is quiet. For Prof. Robert Kelly who was doing his live broadcast from his home office, his plan didn’t quite work out.

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